Nobody’s Home: The Web Series Pilot

Nobody’s Home stars Amanda Joy, Leah Doz, Chris George and Paula Brancati as they explore the bizarre things that happen when you are living in somebody else’s home: intimate secrets, mistaken identities, and embarrassing plumbing accidents. ***official selection Web Series Festival Global 2016*** Facebook:… Twitter: Instagram:… Producer Teresa Ho Director: Mishann Lau Additional Credits Creative […]


PREY  2015 To satiate a hunger, the hunt doesn’t always end as expected. How does the hunter become prey? Producers: Mishann Lau, Tijiki Morris Writer / Director / Camera / Editor: Mishann Lau Actor / Puppet Designer: Tijiki Morris Make-up: Sara R. Artiga “Arti” Puppeteers: Whitehall, Judd Brucke, Sara R. Artiga “Arti” Cat: Spazz.